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Welcome to my blog that focuses on empowering women, and strengthening a culture of women supporting women.

After a 30-year career in a wide range of industries and functions, I started a new life chapter to focus on my health, my passion for helping women be their best selves, and my strong belief that people perform at their best when their company has a compelling mission, vision and culture. I am currently a change agent specializing in individual & leadership development (with a focus on women), team dynamics and firm culture.

I am also an adjunct professor at Dominican College where I teach courses in strategy, managment and organizational behavior. I am so grateful to have a role that guides the next generation of leaders.

I want to remain intellectually engaged with my greater community, particularly women professionals, so I established this blog in 2016 to share the wisdom I have learned, and continue to learn, in many different roles within many different working environments.

I believe that mistakes are wisdom in the making. Indeed, I have learned more from my mistakes than my successes. It is my hope that my blog will help women, at least in some small way, become their best selves both as individuals and as a collective force.

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