I have been incredibly fortunate in my career, having held positions in several different industries, at well-known firms and little known start-ups, serving in a variety of roles, from strategy consultant to chief product officer to head of human capital. You can see my full resume here.

The common thread in all my positions has been the need to be a passionate and relentless change agent. I am happiest when I am taking on a daunting transformation that is rife with unexpected challenges. I am a truth seeker and I have learned to be fearless (most of the time) in finding my voice and speaking my truth.

I am grateful to have worked with many extraordinarily talented people from whom I have learned so much. I have had some wonderful mentors and sponsors, and I will always be grateful to them for believing in me and pushing me to be better. I have also mentored and sponsored others to be their best selves, and I have found it deeply satisfying when they achieve things beyond their own expectations.

I left a position and firm that I loved in order to focus on recovering from some complex health issues. I am a part time executive coach to women professionals and also focus on empowering girls to be their best selves. My vision is to gain back my health in order to pursue full time coaching and training for women professionals while also fueling girls’ empowerment within my extended community.

I am married to a wonderful man who has provided me unwavering support and counsel throughout my career. We have three incredible adult children who also fully supported me through the chaos of work. We are a poster family for “leaning in together” and I will never take for granted what an extraordinary gift this has been in my life.

I also have a dog that provides me 24/7 unconditional love while bugging the crap out of me.

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