My Path, My Journey

As I start a new chapter in my life, I am finding motivation in pictures of beautiful paths leading to an unknown destination. I imagine myself walking on this path, not certain where I am going but putting one foot in front of the other, always moving forward.  And while I don’t know exactly where the path will take me, I pause to take in and enjoy the beauty, allowing me to live in the moment. As I metaphorically walk down this path, I exercise the energy of three powerful emotions:

Acceptance – I embrace the path I am on and the speed at which I can walk it.

Gratitude – I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds the path and the blessings this beauty represents.

Faith – I trust that this path will take me on a meaningful journey that will lead to a destination of purpose beyond myself.

As the saying goes, “life is a journey, not a destination.” Pause for a moment to take in the beauty and blessings of the journey on your path.

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